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Hello there! My name is Stephanie but some of ya’ll from way back might know me as “Donnie”. I’ve been off living life, and this year I’ve decided to finally sit down and complete a NaMoWriMo novel. However, I still want to gather more information, inspiration and build up on my English skills once again. I’m currently a full time worker, along with full time university online, so my replies will most likely be once or twice a week. I’m only on the hunt for ONE role play so I can experiment with the plot and characters I want to use for my novel.


  • Like I mentioned before, I’m a full time worker and university student, so it’s a blessing if you get more than two replies out of me through out the week. I really want to get back into writing again, and if you’re consistent with your replies, I’m probably going to be more prone to replying to them quicker
  • This role play will be a f x m, rated PG. Basically, for the plot to work and to be true to the characters, we can expect hand holding, maybe a hug, but for the actual ending of my novel, I want it to finish on a low note (shocker! The guy doesn’t get the girl!). If I think the timing is right for the characters, then I may experiment with having their first or second kiss. If you’ve ever seen a Kdrama before, you’d understand – it takes up to almost 15 episodes (which are an hour long) for people to even have their first hug or kiss. There is just lots of T E N S I O N which I’m all game for.
  • So I’m on the hunt for someone to play the female role for this story!


My character

Park Tae-yeon, 25, is flying from his home land of Seoul, South Korea, to see his sister’s (Park Nari, 28 years old) wedding in Australia. Tae-yeon (or commonly just called “Tae”) and Nari grew up in the small town called Gyeryong (formally known as Nonsan) in the South Chungcheong province, where both of their parents worked in the armed forces.

When Tae was 16, his Mother died suddenly when the Cheonan, a South Korean warship she was visiting while on duty, was split in half with North Korea being the prime suspect. His father did not deal with the loss of his wife which lead him to quit his position in the Army and begin to drink daily. It wasn’t long after their mother’s death that their father started to become violent. Through out their childhood, Nari and Tae saw their father as someone with authority and very strict (even emotionally and mentally abusive some times when their mother was away at work). However, he was beginning to physically take it out on Nari and Tae.

When Nari turned 19, she moved from Gyeryong to Seoul to start her university journey. However, this left Tae at home alone with his father. Nari came down on the weekends to support Tae with his homework and to ensure he would be ready for his entrance exams when it came his turn to move to Seoul with her. However, the possibility of that happening became thinner and dimmer with each visit as she would discover a new injury every time.

Long story short, Tae murdered his father through self defense. 

This was where Tae thought the law system in Korea was corrupt, because he was charged with the death of his father (even though it was self-defence) and he was sentenced to ten years in jail. After many years, he was let out after seven years due to good behaviour and re-evaluation of the case. While he was in jail, Nari had met the love of her life in university. The student was from Australia and once he had completed finishing his studies, asked for her to come with him back home.

The plot

The story now takes place three years after Tae’s release. He has managed to save enough money to come over to Australia and surprise his sister for her wedding (Nari is well aware of Tae’s financial issues and regularly sends money over to him to help him pay for bills). Whilst in Australia, Tae is staying with Nari, Nari’s fiancé (your character’s brother) and the fiancé’s sister (your character). During his time down under, Tae is learning how to live again and put his fears behind him (fears of the past, of the future, and actually spending time with people he loves). Later down the line, possibly a few months after he returns back to South Korea, everyone goes to Korea to see him and some of the other family members for Christmas (~winter snuggles maybz?~)

Your character

As mentioned before, your character is Nari’s fiancé’s sister. I’ve left him unnamed for the time being because I want to see how you want to develop your character’s family background. Are they fully Australian (born and raised?), or maybe their Mum is Korean and father is Australian? Either way, your character’s brother went and spent four years in South Korea to study (and maybe that’s how he learnt how to speak Korean?).

Final words

As you might see, I’ve been hanging on this plot line for a very long time (Ha!) and I’m super happy to expand/change/brainstorm with you to create a wonderful roleplay experience 😊