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Hi Everyone!

This is going to be my amazing search post where I put all the lovely RPs I've been dying to write. Please feel free to browse my selection, I work from home a lot so I'll be able to write quite frequently. I play male as a preference but can branch out if needed. I write explicitly and have a lot of Mature themes so if that not your cup of tea...


  • Mobster/Mob boss Kid
  • EMT/Police Officer
  • Detective/Detective
  • DJ/Dancer/Bartender
  • Veteran/Hippie, New Age(Against war)
  • CEO/Rival CEO


  • Star Wars OC/ OC: I kinda want this one to be just a tribute to Star Wars, can have some romance but ultimately looking for my Sith Character to get merc'd
  • Pilot/Technical Officer: This one I believe will be fun because not only will this be a sci-fi romance but it will also be a survival HORROR!!!! stranded on their dead ship after miscalculation to save a few stranded pioneers and their stuff.
  • The Antidote/Militia Member: The cure has been created,  the few that had the immunity to the zombie bite were rounded up and protected in various camps. Escorted to a center at the CDC they are now kept in this underground facility until enough of the antidote has been made. 

Well, that's only a few of the ones I have plans for.