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p l o t s 

| come to break the spell
beauty and the beast inspired.
he is a powerful crime lord.
she has come to repay her father's debt.

| but i fooled around and fell in love
 has just discovered that he's inherited a large sum of money.
the catch? he has to marry her.

| colors that don't exist
he's had trouble picking up a paintbrush.
then he sees her.

| coming home
they were childhood best friends.
she moved away and he cut off communication.
she's back.

| there's no remedy for memory
he's remembered her in each lifetime.
will she remember him?

fun little word bank

| ACOTAR vibes | pride and prejudice | modernizing fairy tales | romance |
| secrets | conflict | slow burn | addictions | obsession | gods retelling |
| liars | con artists | bets | fate | hatred | denial | fated |
| set ups | love triangles | self-discovery |
| pride | redemption arcs | feuds |
| forbidden | mistakes |
| indebted | hope |

i will love you forever if you want to present me with a plot idea that ties in one or more of the above themes.
please feel free to suggest!