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hey there!

after dropping off the face of the planet for just a bit, i'm back and ready to seek out some new and hopefully exciting roleplays. for the most part i'm a one-on-one or small-group kind of player, but i might be persuaded to tangle with a bigger group project, depending.

about me:
- strong preference for quality over quantity. however, i sometimes type a ridiculous bucketload. so it's cool to get that in return. no one-line responses, please.
- i find grammar and spelling awesome. typos and autocorrect fails totally happen, but not all the time, yeah?
- pretty much ONLY taking mxm requests right now. i will occasionally do an mxf or fxf roleplay, and i do play plenty of female, genderfluid, and other gendered side characters.
- as an avid mxm writer, i tend to run into the occasional... difficulty, regarding the labeling of characters and where they fall in the bedroom. my personal view is this: do NOT come to me with a preconceived notion. switchy characters are my bread and butter, and i'm liable to drop out or refuse if someone comes to me claiming they only play submissive characters.
- on that note: kink is all well and good! i work in a kink environment part time in real life, so i'm fairly well versed. bdsm in general is always golden for me; talk to me about more specific kink stuff, and we'll figure out where we fall.
- things I specifically don’t do: furries, any form of bathroom play, fetishizing of transgender characters. there’s probably more, but those are the big ones.

good? good!
here we go! genres, themes, pairing ideas, plot bunnies, what have you.
characters i prefer to hplay are in [i]italics[/i].
additional cravings are listed in [color=red]red.[/color]

[b]non-fandom stuff[/b]

[u]genre: medieval/fantasy/swords&sorcery[/u]

[b]general concepts i like[/b]
magic. knights, in armor shining or not so. nobility. royalty. court intrigues. jumbled up fairy tales. thieves and bandits. epic quests. dragons and other assorted mythological beasties. wars, alliances, and arranged marriages. faeries and their realms and courts. elves. monsters. adventure and excitement. merfolk. fantasy cultures. courtesans. angels and demons. deities come to earth. magical artifacts. secrets and plots. feral children and foundlings. shapeshifter societies. slavery and servitude.

[u]plot possibilities[/u]

[color=red][b]the doors of stone:[/b] within the wild woods, so the stories go, there is a doorway made of stone. when the moon hits it right, one can wander from the land of the living into the realm of the dead, where ghosts dance and souls seek guidance. a bard, young in years but old in spirit, stumbles upon this door, and ends up finding his mistaken way into the Halls of the Dead... and catching the eye of their dangerous Lord. {I have a bard in mind, almost an Orpheus kind of character; I'm not basing this upon any specific mythology, so feel free to use your imagination!}

[b]when the snow falls:[/b] the realm of the fae is divided into four courts: Spring and Autumn, Summer and Winter. while the former two have managed to strike a truce with one another, the war between Summer and Winter has raged for centuries - and continues to do so, without any hint of stopping. until the day an exile from the Summer court, seeking to flee through Autumn lands, takes a step too far and winds up in the grasp of Winter... {So many ways to go with this! I have no particular character in mind, and we can add more depth with the Spring and Autumn courts as well!}[/color]

[b]when sun and moon collide:[/b] two kingdoms have been almost constantly at war; one forever in the cool darkness of night, the other in the sunny warmth of day. on an island in the sea between them, a man comes to power, blessed by the gods with strength enough to force a ceasefire, and demand that the two make a treaty, bring an end to the bloodshed. to that end, the heirs to two thrones are brought together, and on a mission of peace, to escort one another through their respective lands. the question is, will they be able to grow and learn, to respect one another's differences and bring a halt to endless war? or will they be simply too greatly split to ever mend the breach, and come to blows once more? {i have oh so much more information about these kingdoms, and multiple character possibilities. this is my pet world. xD hit me up.}

[b]blood of my blood[/b]: two young men were raised by a noble family, close as brothers: one the youngest son of the noble house, the other of common blood, taken in as a boon owed to his family for services rendered. from childhood on, they have always been together.
now, as they reach adulthood, the noble son finds himself thrust into a complex world of politics and war as an old family enemy seeks to strike in the wake of his father's death. his sole companion in this turmoil: his childhood companion, sworn ever to be by his side. will they be able to overcome these new obstacles, or will their lives end in blood and tears? {a very open-ended concept; there's a lot of possibility, so feel free to suggest!}

[b]shield of the soul, my life for yours:[/b] soul bonds are a common thing, the recognition of one's other half - not everyone finds their own, but the chances are always good. they manifest in marks on the body, tattoos of a magical nature that match their counterpart's. a young knight's appears as anticipated, in the presence of the one it is meant for - but not when it is expected, in the course of his normal life and duty. no, his soul bond appears when he is taken captive by an enemy, bound into slavery; now he is sworn to bind his life to theirs, no matter what the consequences. {come on conflict and hilarity! i have a knight in mind; the opposing character could be another solider, commander, noble, prince, whatever. key point is that they're on opposite sides of a conflict.}
a moon bloodred:[/b] a twist on red and the wolf. red is no innocent victim; he's a mercenary and killer for hire with magic at his fingertips and a dangerous reputation. and he always works alone - until a job comes up with a reward too good to pass up, and only one stipulation: that he work with a companion.
the man known as the wolf has just as dark a reputation as red himself, though his jobs more often end in death, and his kills are far messier. he's just as loath to work with someone else as red is, but he too is being offered a reward too good to pass up.
will they be able to complete their job, and claim their prizes? or will they kill each other in the process?
{i would much prefer to play red, as i already have a pretty firm character idea. the wolf can be a shapeshifter or not, it's your call! i also have an intro pretty much ready to go for this, so yay.}

[b]when treaties fail:[/b] a warlike tribe of nomads has recently entered into a cautious trade agreement with the kingdom at the border of their lands. a delegation from the kingdom is sent to the village nearest the border to meet with the chieftain and those deemed most important among the tribe. but the agreement, it seems, was nothing more than a lure; the nomads' land holds resources the kingdom wants, and they have chose to resort to force in order to take it. {i have a nomad in mind.}

[b]scoundrels and spies:[/b] a noble known throughout the kingdom as a cad, a crook, and the king's spymaster catches a thief attempting to pick his pocket; he allows the lad leniency in exchange for entering into a contract with him, to steal exclusively at his word, from targets he chooses. what purpose the thief will serve is yet unknown, but one thing is sure - there are plans in motion greater than he can imagine, and while the risks are greater than anything picking pockets on the streets would offer, so too will be the rewards. {i can roll with either character here.}

[b]a wolf among men[/b]: a prince is hiding a dangerous secret from his family - he is a lycanthrope, cursed to shift shape under the full moon. in the hunt for something to keep his condition bound, he comes across a merchant who swears he has something that will work. he comes expecting a trinket, an amulet or a spell or somewhat; instead, he finds a caged blood mage, caught and kept captive for just such an occasion. blood magic is a crime in this land, punishable by death, but it is the only thing that can keep the prince's transformations at bay. so instead of a magical bauble, the prince returns with an enslaved mage in tow, one who will be the only living soul to know his secret - as he will be the only one to know the truth of the mage's work.
cue mutual attempts at blackmailing, powerplays, and general hilarity. {i prefer to play the blood mage, because MAGICCCC. also, anything else involving my blood mage, because he's a favored character of mine.}

[b]the house of sighs: [/b]a city under siege falls to the conquering army at long last. within the walls of the house of sighs, a renowned place of pleasure, a healer waits to see what the conquest will bring. yet when he's mistaken for one of the house's courtesans by an enemy soldier, what choice does he have, if he wishes to keep his life? {i have an intro ready for this; i prefer to play my healer.}

[u]genre: modern/fantasy/urban magic[/u]
[b]general concepts[/b]
organized crime. modern forms of magic. lycanthropes. vampires. angels and demons. mythology gone modern. schools of magic or for the supernaturally inclined. underground networks of the more-than-human. strip clubs staffed with the supernatural. blackmail. business as a front for crime or supernatural shenanigans. law enforcement. modern slave trade. superheroes.
plot possibilities[/u]

[b]the enemy of my enemy:[/b] the tradition of hunting down vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night is alive and well, but one family has turned recently to conservation - trying to study and protect those inhuman species, not destroy them. unfortunately, the monsters don't always cooperate... and their 'soft' approach leads them to be targeted by other hunters as well. with a new wave of unusual supernatural activity occurring, they're stuck between keeping to their family's code, or being forced into working with other hunters to eliminate everything inhuman... unless, of course, the monsters start paying attention to the fact that they aren't a threat, and start fighting with them. {Very open-ended on this one as well! Lots of possibility!}

[b]sins for sale[/b]: magic is known, but not entirely common; most of the folk who have talent possess only minor gifts, little things like uncanny luck at video poker, never being out of wifi range, or being able to talk a stubborn smartphone app into proper function. those who possess magic with a little more oomph are sought after - and not often by the most law-abiding of folks.
enter a man whose magic fluctuates with the substances he imbibes, who is dependent on new and magically-enhanced drugs to fuel his power, and to keep his mind numb to the unpleasantness of the world. the mob wants him; he's succumbed enough to work for one of their fronts, a strip club, just to keep them off his back. it's the drugs and the buzz that he lives for, though - so when they want more from him, will it be enough? {my character is the stripper; there's a lot of opportunity for this! could get mob drama into it, or have a cop trying to protect him, or a drug dealer who capitalizes on his addictions, or literally just anything. just a fun character concept i have in mind.}

[b]a turf war:[/b] two packs of werewolves have been on the verge of open war since the death of one of their leaders. they tread a thin line, trying to avoid hostilities, but neither willing to back down on a territory dispute. tensions continue to grow, until one full moon, one latches an attack on the other - a desperate, last-ditch attempt by the dead alpha's son to get vengeance. instead, he ends up in the clutches of the rival pack, the alpha unwilling to either kill him, knowing it will be seen as a declaration of war, or let him free to attack again.
there's one thing he doesn't know: his own pack houses a former member of the rival pack, sent undercover years ago to try to find information to bring the enemy down. now the alpha's son is not only captive, but coming face-to-face with a man he thought was a traitor... {i mean, i realize this is such a fracking loose idea and a lot of rambling, but: WEREWOLVES! DRAMA! SHENANIGANS! anyway, i def have multiple characters for this, in particular the alpha's son and the leader of the pack holding him. plus more other side ones. multicasting is fun. looking for someone to play the undercover dude/assumed traitor and probably some other side folks for shenanigan purposes.}

[color=red][b]crime and consequences:[/b] in a world where the supernatural is not unknown, but is still on the fringes, a young detective with a gift for accurate hunches and semi-prophetic dreams is put on his first big case - an undercover job, investigating the head of a well-known and dangerous mob family. hired as an assistant for the other's legal front job, he works his way into the man's confidence, only to discover that crime shouldn't be his biggest concern; the family is a pack of very territorial werewolves, and once you're in, you don't get out alive. {i need more criiiiime. xD i have a character in mind to play for the detective. ALSO: anything involving organized crime and magic/supernatural creatures. bonus points for werewolves.}[/color]
genre: futuristic/sci-fi[/u]
[b]general concepts[/b]
post-apocalyptic world. dystopian world. space pirates. genetically engineered supersoldiers. hyper-technologically enhanced world. magic versus technology.

[u]plot possibilities[/u]
[b]banner in the stars:[/b] earth has expanded, reaching out its tendrils into space, developing new planets and finding new life, forming alliances and contacts and becoming a part of a greater universe. of course, as all things business expand, so too do the crimes connected with them. smuggling and piracy are as common among the stars as once they were upon the seas.
two particular bands of space pirates have become very aware of one another; their captains, rather than trying to drive one another out of business, have taken to performing escalating antics in order to catch one another's attentions. when both of them are tracked down by universal law enforcement and marooned together on a barely-colonized, wild planet, will their mutual attempts to impress continue? will they be able to work together? or will the need to survive turn them into bitter rivals?
living in the (un)free world:[/b] humanity has developed over centuries, reaching to the stars and colonizing planets, upgrading technology until it's a vital part of everyday life. one thing that hasn't changed, though, is the base nature of humanity: people relying on new tech and new idols to distract them from the less pleasant reality of every day life. they turn their eyes away from the fact that a seedy new drug is sweeping the cosmos, one so dangerous it makes all those that came before it look like child's play.
when one of the popular distractions, a professional hoverboarder known for good looks, charm, and a singular ability to keep the press focused on him, accidentally witnesses a shipment of said drug coming in, it puts his life in danger. now he's running, but will he be able to avoid detection and capture, or will his last big hurrah for the press end up being his death? {i don't even know where i want to go with this; all kinds of mad brainstorming to be done! definitely have the hoverboarder character in mind. could potentially be playing opposite someone in law enforcement, someone involved in the drug trade, or who knows what!}