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So it goes like this, like —

There's this app called cappuccino that lets you make these mini podcasts eps for your friends all spliced in with goofy music. I have a small gaggle of rp chums on there who prompt shit like "worst thing you've ever written" (peak irony when it's me asking things like that) which you guys might think would be a pretty tough one for me considering some of the truly appalling phrases that have flown from these fingers spanning back over a decade now. The bid to find the actual worst thing I had ever written had me sitting on waybackmachine looking up archived pages of ink & prose, and let me tell you. Boy fucking howdy. Let's just say it's lucky the wbm didn't archive december-romance.

I want to believe I've evolved as a writer in the decade since ink & prose has been in my life but some things really are eternal. Ever unwavering in my love of psychedelia, freakish depictions, too horny to exist, the corniest overemotional diatribes you ever fucking read. Better believe my characters are still over the top edgelords too. Most recently wrote an instagram-famous zombie skateboarder. Thinking, like, shit's on brand.

Maybe I'm the one being over the top here; in fact, rereading those romps has been some of the realest laughs I've had in a hot minute. Everyone who wrote with me back then fucking rocked, never really found a community in the interim that worked like this space did. Think I'm maybe a little more conscious of my language choices and wary of immortalising internalised biases now. Baby putting in the work. But calling old shit the worst seems facetious when those times really feel like some of the best.

They/them pros these days. Anyone wantin to reconnect can hmu on discord at kingwoman.

Forgive any clowning while I figure out how the fuck to work wordpress.

Hi again 😏

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Omg, I didn't see your post until just now (trying to fix the website login error, LOL) but ohhhh boy. "Considering some of the truly appalling phrases that have flown from these fingers spanning back over a decade"...I feel seen. I feel attacked. I feel vindicated.

I, too, am so glad (but also maybe a little sad) that D-R didn't get archived. However, I have some truly ancient word docs on an old external hard drive or two, and every once in a while I'm tempted to fire 'em up and torture/cringe myself to death. Or see how far I've come? That's probably a better way of looking at it. But still, I can't believe how many of you stuck with me writing over all these DECADES!

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I have my main old shit from D-R/T-S saved on multiple hard drives that I keep moving with me like a feral mouse. One day I will convert them on to a new PC and rediscover the majesty. 

I do have my one mass fic where Harry travels the English countryside, banging prostitutes. That one sends me to the sun every time I look it over. 

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I added you on discord. Sunnyjim!