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Sirius Black was leaning against one of the many pillars lining platform 9 ¾, arms folded across his chest, legs crossed at the ankles waiting for his friends. He was the first of them to arrive at the station and so he had already picked out a compartment on the train and put his trunk away, changed into his school robes, and pissed off a few of Slytherin’s but growing impatient waiting for James, Remus and Peter’s arrival he’d gotten off the train to wait for them on the platform instead.


The tall dark haired Gryffindor turned his gaze towards the sound of James’s voice, his striking grey orbs honing in on his messy haired friend. He uncurled himself from the pillar and stretched his arms over his head, smiling broadly as James drew closer. He was extremely happy to see the boy after a long summer stuck in Black Manor with his horribly twisted family. “’bout time, where the bloody hell were you, and have you seen Moony yet?” He asked when James was in earshot trying to stifle some of his annoyance at having to wait for them for so long. And if they didn’t hurry someone else might stake claim to the compartment he had found for them already. He wasn’t keen on sharing with anyone else but his friends because their secret business was not to fall on anyone else’s ears but their own.

James shook his head as he lent against his trolley and straightened his black rimmed glasses upon his nose, “No, not yet…but there was a small commotion back there a bit, maybe he’s got caught up in it.” The boy shrugged a little. “And…I can’t help it if my mother makes a fuss. You’d think she’d get over it by now, its it's not like I haven't been going to Hogwarts for the past six years!” James rolled his eyes behind his glasses and made a huffing sound to emphasize his frustration. “At least your mother worries about you, mine just can’t wait until I leave again.” Sirius was quick to point out is and received a sympathetic glance from James before the two of them made their way onto the train.

Sirius was sure his own mother counted the days until it was time for him to go back to Hogwarts for another year. She and his father were not happy about the choices he’d made in the last six years, starting with getting sorted into Gryffindor rather than Slytherin like they’d expected him too. He didn’t care for their blood purity beliefs; a witch was a witch and a wizard a wizard in his opinion this ‘full blood’ nonsense was just that…nonsense. “Moony can find us on the train, I don’t want to lose the compartment I found earlier,” He said though he quickly glanced back over his shoulder just to make sure Moony hadn’t suddenly made an appearance. But he hadn’t.

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That was the last time Sirius had boarded the Hogwarts Express and attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That year had been their last year at school, the last time the four friends had been together all in the same room, the last time they’d pulled pranks on their fellow piers just for a laugh. After they’d graduated everything had...well, changed and he didn't see his friends anymore. Quite shocking really considering they'd been so close, they'd known each others other's deepest darkest secrets and had been there for each other through thick and thin. Until he’d stuffed up and everything changed...everything...and Sirius Black was no longer James Potter's best friend.

The last time he’d seen James...he didn't like recalling that day if he could help it. It haunted him already in his dreams so why would he willingly put himself through it? Just to torment himself, he guessed, when the guilt ate away at him and he couldn't keep the memories at bay. They flooded in like a tidal wave of images, smashing him down one after the other. Images of Lily bloodied and bruised cradled in James’s arms, the look on his face when his eyes had met with his own, the cold hatred Sirius had known could never be erased. He’d never be forgiven.

So he’d run. Taking on his animagus form Sirius has bolted off into the dark forest surrounding the castle grounds. Remus, he thought, had called after him but it had fallen on deaf ears as he’d taken off and he’d kept running, for days, weeks even until eventually he had to stop before he lost himself completely as the mut he was. Sirius felt only a slight reprieve from the guilt about what he’d done when he’d heard Lily was ok, but not enough to stop hating himself for ever hurting her. He could never forgive himself for that and James had a right to hate him, they all did.

So when an invitation happened to find its way to the homestead he had purchased with Black money despite his mother's every effort to stop him Sirius was rather shocked. Not because it had found him, because owls were a magical postal service after all but because it was an invitation to James and Lily's wedding. Sirius wasn't surprised they were getting married, it was inevitable really, he was just surprised that he, Sirius Black, was invited to the event.

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Ooc}}- This is an old intro I've edited and added onto, I just kind of started writing and the idea that Sirius had fallen out with James and the others just formed as I was writing. What happens when they're no longer best of friends?

So in saying that I don't exactly have a plot for this but I'd really like to see where it could lead with a RP partner.

So if anyone's interested let me know! :]