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Chemistry - Beta readers needed for Phoebe Fears' new romance

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Looking for a few beta readers for my first, upcoming romance, Chemistry. Would love to give signed books to whoever would like to be my first. I have a PDF ready with the 2 chapters on it. Would love to send the story by chapters rather than a gigantic chunk. 


This synopsis isn't final (it's too long and lacking more spice), but I've been using it, for now, to get my point across to any potential readers:


“One year, only one year.”

Lily Rogers swears that this year will be her only year of dancing. The grand plan for next year is to finally have enough money to afford her Bachelor's in Education. It should have been all smooth sailing, except that the cash at the Dancer’s Den is impossible to resist and dancer Crystal Rose makes it a priority to destroy anyone who gets in her way.

When Lily is baited to help control Grant Dempsey’s high school chemistry class, in exchange for an internal permanent substitute application, her situation feels more like babysitting than professional work.

All at once, Lily is faced with student blackmail, teacher gossip and Crystal Rose’s wrath threatening to expose her. Being a Teacher Assistant by day and dancer by night is an exhausting secret that Lily realizes she would do anything to prevent Grant from finding out. While things heat up in the classroom, can they juggle the responsibility and their feelings, or will the stress break them first?