Well hello there
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Well hello there

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Hey there all! I honestly can’t remember my username on the previous site, I think it was Liquoreduppoetics but I could be wrong. I was apart of Twilight Sky and December Romance!

I decided to join and try to spark life to my muse! The name is K-La! I look forward to writing with you all. 

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Hey K-La! Glad you found us again! I've also cycled through usernames: I've been DarkAristocrat, PerishSong, Aristocrat, and now I'm Requiem. I can't remember which version of myself I was on T-S or D-R haha. Welcome back! 😀

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Hiiii! Glad you’re here! I’m Kelly but I was Temptation.Falls on DR I and then changed it on TS to something I can’t remember haha. It’s Harding kicking the muse back into gear. Reading and television during quarantine helped me haha.

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Hi, K-La! Welcome! Your name sounds familiar to me! I've been Astrophysicist since forever, because I'm unimaginative. But I'm glad you found your way back to us! I've been kicking my muse into action lately, and it has been super fun to get back into writing. I definitely recommend it. 🙂