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Howdy, everyone!

Thank you all SO much for your help and your patience while we get the wrinkles ironed out on this new platform! Y'all are the best.

If you encounter any errors or weird things, please post about them here! This is a totally new system for all of us, so let's troubleshoot together.

We'll try and keep a list/status of things here:

  • Log In 404 error
  • Unable to center images
  • Post moderation
  • Inaccurate forum topic count
  • reCAPTCHA log in issue - resolved
  • "Removed Link" - resolved
  • Editing post timing - resolved
  • Dashboard redirect - resolved


One thing to keep in mind: Because we're no longer using the phpbb3 platform, BB Code won't translate here for post formatting (like [i][/i] for italics, etc.). The new style of post editor is a WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get," pronounced out loud like "wizzy wig") which uses HTML instead. It might take a little while to get used to, and some formatting may not carry over when we're reposting from the old boards.